Freeform movie line up!

Christmas isn’t Christmas without those freeform 25 days of Christmas movies. So, is to the holiday movies, 25 days of Christmas.


Essential Oil’s



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These days it seems like everyone is getting into essential oil, me too.

You should educate yourself on the safety guidelines. This is why I am working towards Aromatherapist Certification. I have learned so much, looking for good resources is important. I feel the first thing you should do is go to NAHA, this organization educates and help set the bar. You can find all the resources you need from people who are stellar and schools who teach you all about Holistic Aromatherapy.

Stay informed as I take this journey and evolve. I want to begin my own line of oils. Organic, also quality are of utmost importance here. I want to be able to help people and of course give you the best experience from what essential oils have to offer.

Giving you the opportunity to learn with me and grown.

Low Carb Diet

Good day! I am looking into a good low carb diet. I have been checking out Keto, but for starters I would like to go a little slow. If you have any suggestions or recipes..please comment or send me an email. I would love to hear and see your meal plans and recipes, feel free to post a picture in the comments.

Enjoy this beautiful day!

Summer squash


You know it’s summer when there is squash showing up at the Farmers Market. Or, maybe out of your own garden..even better!

Nothing says summer like squash! Last night, I fried some up with bacon and small baby potatoes. It was delicious and a filling. I was lucky enough to have enough to go around for our family of five. As you know it does cook down and what seems like alot doesn’t go very far.

There is nothing special about the recipe, just some bacon, and potato and a little pepper. I don’t always use potato, but I had some given to us from a friends garden and I accepted with much appreciation.

I hope this post inspires you to enjoy all the splendor of summer and good people in the world!

Morning Fitness

active clothes endurance exercise

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Good day all! I wasn’t going to write a post today, but after feeling so great all day – I decided I needed to share.

I got up and got moving! I took my son to school and I went to the park for a work out, our park has equipment and I took advantage of it along with this beautiful day.  Once I got home – I took the bike out for a quick cycle.  I am sitting here at now 2:50 PM and I have got to share how great I have felt allll day long!

gray bench on park

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achievement activity adolescent arms

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I also need to mention, over the weekend I cut out sugar…I usually have a few cups (well, more than a few) of coffee with sugar – I had an issue last year with the taste of artificial sugars and went back to the real thing. So, I did have a few head aches for a few days and today.. not one!

My body has felt so much better with-out the sugar and my legs are no longer feeling heavy and my body feels so much more flexible. I had no clue I was doing this to myself with the sugar consumption. I feel like my old self and I am so incredibly excited!

My desire to get up and get moving may have been influenced by cutting out sugar and accelerated me to this, but I have to tell you – getting up and working out in the AM compared to the PM has made a difference in my whole day!

Always consult your Physician as my experience and daily routine is just my opinion and I – in no way am a professional. I just want to share how great morning exercise and cutting out sugar has helped me.

I hope your day has been wonderful too and I also hope you find this post of help and encouragement!


What I use:

I switched to Splenda packs instead of the bag of Splenda, because I feel it taste better and is less filmy.


Elliptical walk, Elliptical stepper, press machine (arms), Machine for reverse stomach crunches, spinner (bike) Wheel that rotates for arms. Seated Leg Press machine – all are your own weight resistance.



Edging for Flower Beds

Edging for flower beds


There is Nothing like losing mulch, it can be costly. That is why we decided to use Edging for our flower beds this year. We invested a small amount and a little of time well spent.

We used Suncast Dig-in 60 FT. Resin  It wasn’t as difficult as we had heard, as long as someone is willing to pitch-in, it is easier for  two (2) people to do this task, but one person can do as well.

The edging comes with simple instruction;

  1. UNROLL – and with a little tension and turning let it lay flat if possible.
  2. Set in sun to become more flexible.
  3. Next, with a small shovel we trenched the perimeter of flower bed. TIP: measure the height of edging to get idea of how far to dig trench.
  4. STARTING at the beginning of flower bed area WITH EDGING – lay edging on side (not flat) I pressed the edging to the exterior ground wall of trench and filled with dirt, (inside of edging will have ridges – this part will not be seen, it’s the inside of the edging) press with feet and continued to fill. NOTE: it was easier to have one trench ahead of an area while the other begins to lay edging in trench to fill. TEAM WORK!

We found it easier to do it this way, if an area of the ground isn’t deep enough, shovel (small hand shovel) the pointier the better – from under the edging as you continue to hold it against the exterior wall of the trench. If and area has too deep of an whole (trench) fill with a little dirt as you hold the edging against the exterior wall of the trench.

I hope you find this post useful and enjoy your flower beds this year – mulch and all.




Door Colors


Freshening up for Spring? Me too! Door colors can make a huge impact on your home!  I am so inspired by the yellow doors on pinterest and all the other blogs that I too want “yellow”!

Here’s the thing, my siding is a pale creamish/ yellow with gray shutters and a brown roof. Here’s the other thing, my outside light is brown bronze and my door hardware is also a black bronze. So, how do I work with the yellow I so want?!

I knew the roof, hardware and the outside light were in the same family, which keeps things warm. The gray is a bit of a contrast or a slight clash. I also knew the yellow and gray work well together. With the siding being a light yellow – I knew my door needed to be darker (for my appeal). Keeping in mind I have areas to work with in the color scheme (1) the roof, hardware, light (2) the yellow (pale) siding (a big question mark), (3)white trim and gray shutters – seems to be little clash! So, I knew I would need to choose “the right kind of yellow”.

So.. off to the hardware store to get paint color samples. I started with a few color samples that had a yellowish color I liked. The first sample I picked – I knew right away (Heirloom) caught my eye! So, I looked for those same tones (warm, honey yellows even a slight gray/green).  I brought them home and I held the samples against the siding at the gray shutters, then I held them up to the door (stuck samples under the hook on door to hold),  I observed from a distance and different angles and imagined the whole door being a color that stood out to me the most. I took into consideration – the roof is brown…  what stood out to me was the Heirloom I picked from the start.  I have also considered the color under the Heirloom, the Celestial Ray, but if the whole door were to be painted this color it would be too much of a clash with the gray shutters as it is more golden brownish tone than the Heirloom.





Door color before with paint samples under door hook


The Heirloom has the warm yellow honey tone that I  am looking. I have also considered a couple other colors; Mystic Maize, Dreamy Caramel and Beehive ( Valspar colors).  Once the whole door is painted – I know the little sample would do it no justice. This is the reason I weight my options so heavily for a while. We sometimes don’t think of that when looking for and accent color or a bold color. The door is more than a little trim, but yet – huge to make a statement. I feel these colors are great – the Heirloom is a little more subtle when looking at the whole house, but enough to catch your eye and works with all the contrasting elements of my house…but I so want “The Yellow Door”! When holding all the samples up together to the house, the Heirloom is noticeably different; a light split pea color with the warm honey/yellow tones. So, I the wondered if I was gonna have the ” Yellow door”, this was slowly changing direction for a bit, but I made a decision!


So What Color did I chose? Mystic Maize, but I mixed a small amount of gray that was left over from my shutters. Make Note: The paint is Valspar but the paint mix for the yellow was from my local Hardware store. The mix warmed it up and that is what I was looking for! I used Brushes like this   

I used Valspar Medallion Paint & Primer Colorfinity Semi-gloss exterior. (tint base 4302SE Mystic Maize (231-4) or one that is close like this color and the gray is HGTV HOME by Sherwin-Williams Ovation Exterior Latex Paint- Exterior SEMI-BRILLANTE 1005-51399 (636341 Deep Base) I cannot tell you the exact color because we had it darkened to Slate Gray like this

I hope you enjoyed this post today! Thanks for visiting!

Getting Into The Spirit, Christmas Is A comin’



Now that Thanksgiving is out of the way it’s time to get into the Christmas spirit! I must say I am ready for it! For starters, the ABC Free Form 25 days of Christmas you can find the schedule by following this link  – previously ABC Family 25 days of Christmas will begin soon and don’t forget Tuesday evening, CBS will kick things off with Rudolph. HALLMARK now has two channels for Christmas movies. How fantastic it that! I think I have seen Buddy the Elf and Home Alone a few times through the week leading up to Turkey day!

With that being said, I just cannot wait to start pulling out all the wonderful Christmas decor and of course my Christmas Tree. I think we are gonna try some popcorn garland this year… A little something different for us, but we are gonna try it. If anyone has some ideas to share on the best practice, please share. So, as we are sipping coffee and cocoa, stringing popcorn and lights..I feel the spirit entrancing me with a nod to holiday movies in the back ground and the smell of cookies baking, the warmth of my home and most importantly, my family! Nothing says Christmas more to me.

Here’s to the Christmas Spirit within us!